Automated customer service and sales, across all channels.

helpix talks to customers in their own language using an omnichannel approach through texts, emails, social media, live chats, telegram and whatsapp. It quickly answers questions and drives sales, all with a human-like touch.
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Fast, Easy Customer Success with AI and All-Channel Messaging

Seamless Knowledge Integration

Enhance your AI capabilities with helpix’s easy knowledge merge and code-free configuration. Effortlessly gather information from diverse sources, including customer inquiries, help desk data, automated and manual content sync, conversation logs, and any public URLs. Our AI continuously learns and improves over time, delivering smarter and more accurate responses to customer queries.


Bridging Channels, Language, and Automation with Ease

With our optichannel platform, effortlessly engage with your customers across various channels like social media, text messages, emails, live chat, telegram, whatsapp, and more. helpix seamlessly transitions between channels based on customer preferences, responding automatically to inquiries in their preferred language.

Superior Responses with Advanced Natural Language Understanding

Enhance customer interactions with our leading proprietary NLU model. We blend natural and effective responses with an advanced understanding of customer needs, offering a conversation experience that’s uniquely human-like. Our solution integrates industry-specific NLP, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning models with top-tier AI technologies, ensuring exceptional accuracy, minimizing bot errors, and driving conversation quality to new heights.


What’s Unique About Our AI Technology?

Quick and Smart AI Help

Get your support running straight away with our top-notch AI. We stand out by giving the best replies quickly.

No Need for Humans Here

We are building a future where most customer chats are fully automatic. Our tech makes our platform able to look after itself.

Making AI Fit Just for You

Our AI team uses technologies like LLMs, conversation data, and generative AI to cater uniquely to every customer’s needs.

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Boost CX with Real Magic

Experience the transformative power of AI with our sophisticated platform. Benefit from smooth, multi-channel communication and easy automation. Let helpix uplift your business operations and leave your customers truly impressed.

Experience the next level of customer service with our AI-powered support. Our advanced technology automates responses and delivers accurate solutions, reducing customer wait time and enhancing their satisfaction.

Enjoy seamless conversations with our platform. Whether your customers reach out through social media, live chat, email, our system seamlessly integrates all channels, ensuring a smooth and continuous interaction.

Provide a personalised experience to each customer with our tailored assistance. Our AI algorithms understand customer preferences and needs, allowing us to deliver customised solutions and recommendations that address their specific queries.

Say goodbye to long waiting times and delays. Our AI-powered system instantly generates human-like accurate answers to customer questions, ensuring prompt and efficient support. Get the information you need, when you need it, with our instant response capability.

Effortlessly connect with customers across various channels, including social media, messaging apps, and many more. Our platform seamlessly adjusts to your customers’ preferred channels, ensuring you can engage with them in their language of choice for a convenient interaction.

Join the Future of Customer Engagement

Join our waitlist and revolutionize your customer service and sales with smart, responsive AI. Transform inquiries into results, and first-time visitors into dedicated customers.